May 22, 2018

5 Best Wedding Preparation Tips | Florida Wedding Photographer | Delpiu Photography

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Weddings! They happen all year round, and at an extremely high rate for that fact. How much time is enough to prepare for one. Our names are Jennifer and Victor Delpiu. We are the owners of a business named Delpiu Enchanted , Miami, FL. We are Florida Wedding Photographers. Weddings to us are truly a passion and a time to always cherish. Families coming together. The best friends from college or even high school come gather to remember your day. However, time flies and in seconds you are running from left and right looking for some nail polish you forgot about months ago.

Why do we stress so much about these events? The reason is that they are the moments we will truly remember forever. As photographers, we have seen brides freak out like never before just moments before stepping into their love story. Below we have assembled 10 beneficial tips to always consider on your big day.

I have also included some photographic tips because each picture truly should be a moment to remember.

    Unfortunately, some individuals think the event is a birthday party. You will notice the details and the misplacement of vases scattered across your extremely unlit venue and ask yourself what went wrong. Details are the sweet spot for making a wedding a pleasing entry to the eye. The photographer is going to constantly keep a lookout for these details as well as guests. Plan your wedding a year in advance. This gives everyone enough time to take a deep breath and plan every detail to its’ optimum glory. Remember to take into consideration feedback form variety of individuals before making any choice. However, keep in mind this is your day!

    Weddings are a representation of who you are. Make sure you do not let every friend, mom, mother in law, father, or cousin get in the way of letting your dream wedding shine. This day is all about you, and even though many of individuals reading might think that this may not occur at their wedding. Make sure to keep in mind your interests and preferences for the big day. “It is your wedding after all.”

    Make sure to look your best. Photographers are like scattering paparazzi waiting for the best angle to capture, share, and post all over. Learning to pose is so essential in delivering the best pictures. Keeping an upright posture and making sure your eyes and mouth are in constant perfection is very crucial. When sharing preferences of photographs with your photographer make sure to keep in mind what looks good to you and practice. Remembering these poses can have a major effect in making sure you know exactly how and what you want out of your pictures.

    Vendors are booking all year round, and this will keep occurring in the years to come. However, there is a deadline for booking that most amazing photographer. Bookings occur consistently on a daily basis. When finding out your date is booked can be quite a heartbreaking moment. Keep in mind this may not be the case always. There are always more photographers. However, to have a smooth and excellent experience. Booking vendors a year in advance gives everyone including bride and groom time to breath and plan details efficiently.

    Getting a wedding planner can relieve a lot of weight and stress from planning a wedding. Approximately 3 weeks before your big day is when the weight and pressure of getting married will truly start to hit. My wedding was planned by my wife and I. Just 4 weeks before the wedding we were running left and right trying to get details figured out for our big day. A wedding planner relieves the stress of looking for vendors and making sure that everything goes completely to plan during the big event. Next time you are in the market make sure to also check out wedding planners. However, if you are on a budget you can also gather your closest friends and family to make the big event happen. Keep in mind this route is more stressful, but is very efficient in terms of budget.


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