We believe in capturing what is real. Memories that will last and withstand the strides of time.

states we've visited

 The variety of culture and love that comes with it. We shoot in a non traditional style that focuses on story over convention. For the couple who wishes to tell their story and not someone elses. We live life for love and for the moments fill with endless possibilty. Netflix is our best friend, and so are our cats. We have 3 fur babies who we love... Clue,Simba,Nala, and Sky. 

Hi, we are Jennifer and Victor! We are a husband and wife photographer couple. Marriage to us was the best decesion we ever made. We strongly believe in marriage and the adventures that lay ahead.To capture the joy between lovers.. Our gift is being able to live our dreams and meet different people from all around.


Times Jen has rewatched Friends


times we've lost our passports


years we've been together




Just kidding Victor loves coffee, and Jen loves milk. We are opposites, and honestly we love it this way. 


This picture brings back memories!

That is one of our engagement photos! We were so young, and honestly the best decision we ever made was getting married. No regrets!!!


We have 4 fur babies

Their names are Sky, Clue, Simba, and Nala. They dirty the house all the time, but we love them. They are our fur babies, and our children for the time being.

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