December 4, 2018

Autumn Lane Paperie // Logo + Branding // Web

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Ever wondered where to build your logo? No, seriously. Not just go into an app and drag pre-built designs. Find a decent font and walaaa!! Logo!!!

I was exactly the same way.

.The Delpiu Logo from our beginnings.

Little did I know that the logo which our company would have would represent the overall tone and mood for our brand. From the beginning we had a vision of capturing weddings and true emotion while going on adventures. However, the logo which you see above does not say that. It literally says Delpiu Photography and a diva which could mean anything.


Time For A Change:

We knew it was time for a change. Autumn Lane Paperie understood our vision and we even sent some example logos that we thought would truly help convey the message we wanted to send our clients and viewers.

They understood our message that we wanted to represent an Adventurous bride. We wanted our logo to represent somewhere free and allow our brides to think of travel. The process literally took them 1-2 weeks. It was extremely easy!!  They were kind,helpful, and professional.

Lily williams was our designer. A big thank you to her, and Autumn Lane Paperie for helping us create our vision and dreams.



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