July 4, 2018

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Basic Invite is known for having some of the best wedding invitations. Upcoming weddings are stressful we know! So we are here to help. At Delpiu Enchanted Photography we were able to check the wedding invitations first hand to get a glimpse of the quality which the cards arrive in. The overall packaging was very nice. Our first thought was the style of Basic Invite. It was elegant and clean. We loved how the cards felt in the hand and off the bat we knew the wedding invitations were quality. If you personally know Jennifer or Victor you should know that we would never want our clients to buy something that we would not buy. So lets dive deeper!


Basic Invite delivers their premium cards in 160 different color palettes that are fully customizable to your liking. Elegant and fine fonts are provided to you in order to ensure the transition of the card looks amazing. What we mean by this is like a website. The fonts themselves play a huge role on how the overall website or in this case card is presented. The fonts are also customizable in gold and silver foil.


Each and every card is printed on a high-quality cardstock of your choice. Our luxe 120lb matte comes standard, and we have a wide variety of additional options, from shimmer cardstock to double-thick.

Only the Best Cardstock

Copyright Photo By Basic Invite

Instant Online Previews

Copyright Photo By Basic Invite


One of the most awesome features Basic Inivite has is an online preview. You are able to fully customize your card in live view. No stressful anticipations or surprises which we love.


Customers can order samples before making the big purchase to get a feel of the Basic Invite quality. This is helpful for couples who are undeceive at first glance or just simply want to get a feel for these amazing cards.

Order Custom Samples

Copyright Photo By Basic Invite


100 amazing fonts to choose from when customizing your wedding invitations or any upcoming event.

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