June 13, 2018

Best 5 Lens Lengths To Use in Weddings- Delpiu Enchanted | Florida | Miami, FL | Photography

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Best 5 Lens Lengths To Use In Wedding Photography

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to shoot an entire wedding with a 50 mm 1.8 or 1.4? We know for a fact we would never want to have that experience. Running endlessly to get amazing shots is not the best thing to do at a wedding. Considering also the event only happens once.

We will introduce 5 lenses that we believe are essential as a wedding photographer. The best lenses are preference to style. However, we will introduce all around amazing lenses that can be used in multiple ways in wedding photography. We primarily shoot in Miami, FL. So destinations do impact the style of photography which is preferred. Below are our 5 best lenses to use in wedding photography. We will not disclose any brands. However, we will primarily focus on focal lengths.

50 MM 1.4 or 1.8

The “nifty fifty” that is the nickname this lens has. It is an all around great lens to use. It serves every occasion at most. Simply depends on the structure of photo you wish to capture. A 50 mm will always be in our bag on the wedding day. This lens is so useful for getting ready and as well the bride and groom shoot during cocktail. This lens can be primarily used for certain style. Our style is primarily focused around candids so we tend to shoot at longer focal lengths.

This lens is always useful to have. Our recommendation is to get the 1.4 as it is sturdier and the price difference is not that much from the 1.8

85mm 1.4 or 1.8

The 85 mm! This lens is perfect for really nice open flattering look shots. A lot of photographers ask us “why do you need an 85 if you already have the focal length in the 70-200 mm?” We simply like the flattering look it gives on skin tones. We always shoot on getting creamy skin tones, and this lens is just the right amount of sharpness and softness in one lens.

The lens can be used during prep, ceremony, cocktail, and reception. Truly depends on your style. Since it is a prime we do not necessarily recommend using this all the time. You always want to be able to have the other focal lengths in order to not miss any shots. Another great option is a 135 mm for ceremony, and cocktail. I would not recommend using a 135 indoors. However, that is a discussion for another day!

70-200 mm 2.8

Oh Boy! The 70-200 mm 2.8 is just a huge lens. Pretty heavy, and lots of zoom. We would recommend using the lens only during ceremony, cocktail, and reception simply for the extra reach. You can use it for other occasions. However, this once again varies in style and the type of imagery you focus on.

This is not too much to say about the lens. Besides it being super sharp and detailed to the teeth. However, if your looking for the soft and dreamy effect it can always be added in post processing.

24-70 2.8

The 24-70 is a must. Period. This lens is probably one of the most used out of the entire day. However, we are switched towards using super wide lenses now, and long focal lengths. This lens is not the sharpest lens. However, it is very versatile. I would limit the use of this lens to a certain extent simply due to sharpness not always being its’ best. However, I would recommend to defiantly have this in your bag or on your camera on the day of.


Super wide, super amazing! It is important to always have some sort of wide lens. The 24-70 is not that sharp. However, the 16-28 will defiantly show lots of great detail of the landscape and your subject. It is always nice to focus on the location and the dress. This lens all around great for showing the scenery and honestly what the bride and groom spent all their time, hard earned money, and stress building. It is awesome to capture romance, but as well the setting. Every story has a great setting.


Optional Choice

Macro Lens 105 or 100 mm

The macro lens we put on here as optional simply because you can always crop or use a super wide lens to get really close. The macro lens is super detailed. I would highly recommend use sufficient lighting and making sure the aperture is high if you are to use this lens. It is very soft once you get up close with it.


This concludes our post. If you find these focal lengths interesting please leave a comment or let us know what you shoot with. We would love to hear what you have to say.



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