How To Write Wedding Vows Your a week away from getting married or maybe even a month. However, lets be real. Your writing your vows the week of, the night before, or the hour before. Wedding vows to us are our promises, our hope and dreams to that special someone on our wedding day. Below […]

How To Write Wedding Vows // Weddings // Delpiu Enchanted

Why You Should Book An Engagement Session The real question is why? Another cost upon paying for wedding services tend to get expensive. However, the real reason is because of clients emotion. Think about it like this you just hired a photographer and you meet in person. Talk, laugh and all the works. Sometimes that […]

Why You Should Book An Engagement Session With A Photographer

Ever wondered where to build your logo? No, seriously. Not just go into an app and drag pre-built designs. Find a decent font and walaaa!! Logo!!! I was exactly the same way. .The Delpiu Logo from our beginnings. Little did I know that the logo which our company would have would represent the overall tone […]

Autumn Lane Paperie // Logo + Branding // Web

  Engagement, Wedding, Wardrobe, Colors & Make Up Guide I know what you might be thinking. What do the clothes I wear matter when I go to a shoot. Clients pay we get the shoot done, we send the photos and poof. The end! Wrong!!! Colors are what allow a photo to be presented to […]


What better way to show your work than by Showit! I use to use WIX before showit. Being a wedding photographer calls for a lot of storage and ease of use. These were my main concerns with Showit before I transferred. Not to fond by the thought of switching everything over. I was very hesitant […]

Why I Switched From WIX to Showit // Wedding Photography // FL

Basic Invite is known for having some of the best wedding invitations. Upcoming weddings are stressful we know! So we are here to help. At Delpiu Enchanted Photography we were able to check the wedding invitations first hand to get a glimpse of the quality which the cards arrive in. The overall packaging was very nice. Our […]

Fancy , Fun, and Elegant Wedding Invitations | Basic Invite | Delpiu Enchanted Photography

We Are Back We have been gone away for some time now. I know, and we apologize. In order to enhance your user experience we had to make some upgrades and adjustments in order for our viewers to get the best experience possible. We have extended our blog into a more advanced website that can […]

We are back and with News!! Delpiu Enchanted Photography | Miami, FL | Florida Photography

Best 5 Lens Lengths To Use In Wedding Photography Have you ever wondered what it feels like to shoot an entire wedding with a 50 mm 1.8 or 1.4? We know for a fact we would never want to have that experience. Running endlessly to get amazing shots is not the best thing to do […]

Best 5 Lens Lengths To Use in Weddings- Delpiu Enchanted | Florida | Miami, FL | Photography

  Congrats! You have made this far, and are now looking for a photographer. Where do you look? Where do I find one? We will gladly answer these questions for you. As  wedding photographers we understand what it means to be under pressure. Next time your looking for a photographer. Do not be hesitant to […]

Graduation Shoots In South Florida | Blog | Best Moments Captured Behind A Lens | Wedding Photographer

    Top Wedding Venues In Florida are a few scrolls away. As Wedding Photographers we understand the importance of scenery and theme to photography. We want to extend to you our preferred venue list in Florida. We will be adding more venues soon for each state, and sharing our thoughts with you. Best moments are […]

Top 10 Wedding Venues In Florida | Wedding Photographer | Blog | Best Venues


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