Intro As a Florida Wedding Photographer. I Search for the best moments in order to capture the most effective picture. However, smiling is relatively a choose in style. As  photographer we search to capture the real and genuine moments around us. If you look at most work. A lot of photographers ask for the client […]

Gustavo Mini Portrait Session | Florida Wedding Photographer | Best Moments Captured

Weddings! They happen all year round, and at an extremely high rate for that fact. How much time is enough to prepare for one. Our names are Jennifer and Victor Delpiu. We are the owners of a business named Delpiu Enchanted , Miami, FL. We are Florida Wedding Photographers. Weddings to us are truly a passion and […]

5 Best Wedding Preparation Tips | Florida Wedding Photographer | Delpiu Photography

Hi, my name is Lauren, and I hired a cheap wedding photographer… and I’m here to prevent you from doing the same! I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m always talking about the importance of quality photography. Well, one of the major reasons for this is because I made a big mistake that I regret- and one that I hope to prevent other brides […]


What I love about these photos taken in Miami, FL. Is that they are genuine. A married couple enjoying one an others presence. I believe the best captured moments were once we went to a broken down tree. The couple completely were enjoying one another. I believe this is also an effective way to capture […]

Forest, Pine, and Sun! Florida Best Moments | In Miami, FL | Best Captures | Wedding Photographer

Probably one of the hardest things to do at a family shoot. Is make children laugh. As a photographer you can force out jokes back to back, and not one smile. However, the best thing about family shoots. Is the family itself. The family are the foundation to the structure. The child feels safe, and […]

Garcia Family Shoot

You have just spent around $15,000 or close to it on your wedding venue. However, the one thing you will always remember on your day should certainly not be a budget cut. Why do we think this way? The reason is because we devalue photography. We see it everywhere we go, and everyday in our lives. […]

Top 5 Reasons To Invest In A Professional Wedding Photographer

POSING Why is posing so important? Why is body language so essential to photography? These are important questions when composing a picture. The way the hands are placed and the structure of the body are positioned are crucial to what is posing. So how does someone pose? The key is in certain elements that need […]


Angles, light, and composition. What makes a photo look good. Is it the comfort from which the model shows he or she is in? Is it the scenery which is displayed that shows all the majestic flowers and captured moments? The answer to all this, is three major key points. Especially in portrait and wedding […]


Let me start off by saying, “who said Florida had no forests?” Our love for beaches is buried in the sand. However, it is always nice to have some variety when it comes to weddings. We have been dying to have a forest themed wedding. Oh yes! We can finally say we did it. In […]

Brenda & Edgar Enchanted Forest Wedding


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