May 15, 2018

Brenda & Edgar Enchanted Forest Wedding

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Let me start off by saying, “who said Florida had no forests?” Our love for beaches is buried in the sand. However, it is always nice to have some variety when it comes to weddings. We have been dying to have a forest themed wedding. Oh yes! We can finally say we did it. In the moments of preparation we knew the location from previous events. We knew where to go and exactly what to capture. Unfortunately once we got the area a high amount of tree had been taken down by the previous hurricane. As a wedding photographer we need to be prepared for any situation. Understanding that something is to go wrong is expected. The time to act is always and the moments that were arriving had to be resolved as soon as possible. Brenda and Edgar are sweethearts looking for adventure and a dream to fulfill. That dream is remembering. We had the privilege to make them laugh and enjoy every second of capturing their very special day. As photographers we are fond of joyous moments not robotic filled up-postured serious photographs. We want you to remember the fun moments and the weird ones. If granny hit it on the dance floor. We will capture it. This forest theme filled wedding was full of life and of adventure. It truly was an amazing day to see the joy in Brenda and Edgar’s eyes. This is what we live for!


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