May 16, 2018


FILED IN: Portrait

Why is posing so important? Why is body language so essential to photography? These are important questions when composing a picture. The way the hands are placed and the structure of the body are positioned are crucial to what is posing. So how does someone pose? The key is in certain elements that need to be focused on. Hands, eyes, position, spine, legs, and tilt of the head are just a few things to consider when posing. The hands are so powerful when shown in a picture. What the hands hold, points, touches, or even grabs. The way the spine is presented will either show a position of power, or just a situation which is presented. Someone who is sad is normally slumped, and down Shoulder will be lower and hanging. A woman in power has an upright spine and shows her elegance through her posture. If you pay close attention to the details in body language. You can also present this effective methods in photography. How do you want to present your subject? How do you want to tell your story? So many questions are being presented. However, these are questions which you should ask yourself, and reflect upon. Posing is one of the most important approaches in photography which most photographers are lacking in today. The posing tells the story, and the scene presents the mood. How will a little girl dancing in a city full of wreckage be in comparison to dancing in a field. One pose, in two different scenes. Next time your shooting. Keep your posing in mind, and start to think how you can present a story which is worth telling.




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