December 4, 2018


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I know what you might be thinking. What do the clothes I wear matter when I go to a shoot. Clients pay we get the shoot done, we send the photos and poof. The end! Wrong!!! Colors are what allow a photo to be presented to the viewer as a whole. We will cover on what to dress and what not to dress. As well as cover style and post processing effects of colors.


As a general rule, wear solid colors, as stripes and patterns draw attention away from your face. Avoid wearing loose clothing as it will make you look wider than what you should. As well do not wear shorts or capris because your legs will look shorter than what they should.


Depending on the style on which the bride is going for the recommended color for the engagement. or weddings. Darker colors such as shades of red,orange,blue,pink, purples, browns and black. Are perfect colors for shoots and even wedding colors. I normally would recommend to stay away from saturated and very vibrant colors. Keep the colors as neutral as possible to cause the photos to flow better.

Depending on the style of photos you want will also be affected by the colors you wear.

Light & Airy: White,Light Blue, Light Pink, Light Brown, light purple, light Red Overall light colors that will flow well will the editting.

Dark & Moody: Red,orange,blue,pink, , browns and black.

Colors I do not recommend:

Green,Patterned colors. Reasons for not including yellow and green is simply preference. Greens will blend too much to the green surroundings. Only green I would recommend is an olive green for a dark and moody style. It all comes down to preference and the flow of how the colors mix and match. Usually you would like to stick with colors in the same spectrum to your sorrundings.

EX: At a forest you have tons of greens. You would want a neutral color that will flow with tones of brown. You would want to add light shades of blue,browns, yellow if desired. It all comes down to the style which you want your photos to come out as.


Its always fun to bring accessories such as hats, jewelry is a great compliment to the subject.


Avoid running shoes, white socks, and heavy footwear. Also, consider fashionable boots or shoes. Barefoot and and sandals is also nice depending on the location and the overall vision of the photos.


Props are always a great way to help showcase your personality in your engagement photos.



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