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May 16, 2018

Forest, Pine, and Sun! Florida Best Moments | In Miami, FL | Best Captures | Wedding Photographer

What I love about these photos taken in Miami, FL. Is that they are genuine. A married couple enjoying one an others presence. I believe the best captured moments were once we went to a broken down tree. The couple completely were enjoying one another. I believe this is also an effective way to capture weddings. As a photographer we must be able to make our clients comfortable, and be able to let them enjoy the moment. In order to do this. You must first have a foundation with your clients. We love to befriend our clients, as this ensures that they are comfortable around us. Some clients are different. However, the best thing we love is to be able to call them our friends when we are done. Being a photographer is not just about the services. However, it is about friendships.


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