June 12, 2018

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You have made this far, and are now looking for a photographer. Where do you look? Where do I find one? We will gladly answer these questions for you. As  wedding photographers we understand what it means to be under pressure. Next time your looking for a photographer. Do not be hesitant to ask your local wedding photographers as well. Most wedding photographers also provide portrait photography services.

“However, why do I not just ask my friend to pick up their camera and give it two shots and see where it goes from there. ” The reason we do not recommend this is due to professionalism, edit, quality, and the memory. A photoshoot is an experience in itself. It is kind of awkward at first, but if you are lucky and found an amazing photographer. He or she will make you feel appreciated, desired, and as well serviced in a kind professional manner.

Finding genuine moments is always important in photography. A lot of our photography we tend to role play and play the part out. We believe this diminishes the stiffness, and as well the motion which displays the fluidity of the picture itself.


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