May 22, 2018

Gustavo Mini Portrait Session | Florida Wedding Photographer | Best Moments Captured

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As a Florida Wedding Photographer. I Search for the best moments in order to capture the most effective picture. However, smiling is relatively a choose in style. As  photographer we search to capture the real and genuine moments around us. If you look at most work. A lot of photographers ask for the client to smile. I would not blame them. It is not always easy to be “Kevin Hart” for more than 30 minutes. However, every picture tells a unique story. Capture the story the way it is meant to be told. I know photographers have a tremendous impact on the clients.


Photographers are a mirror of themselves. We look out for the details that are most pleasing to us. One photographer may look for cooler, and subtle pictures while another may look for more happy, and energetic photos. The eyes look for what is pleasing. My tip would highly be to make sure your photographer aligns with your style. The following pictures show who we are as photographers. We enjoy nature, and the events around us. Jennifer and I are both energetic photographers who smile and have a plethora of fun while capturing photos. We want to make sure our clients find a photographer who knows exactly how to tell their story.

Portrait & Life-Style Mini Session

Like any other shoot client and photographer. The unexpected is to happen. We planned with Gustavo to initially shoot the mini session last week. However, there was rain and we had to wait. Rain truly is a culprit when it comes to photography. One due to damage of course, but the lighting is severely impacted. Cloudy days affect photography. To get the best results. A photographer should be willing to wait for a sunny day. Cloudy days in Florida sometimes have sun though. If you pay attention to shadows of your surroundings. You can tell that there is still sunlight coming through which is enough to take an awesome shoot.

Once we got to the shoot. We started cracking jokes in a Victor fashion. Which is just being ourselves really. We truly had a fun time, and I am sure Gustavo had a fun time as well. Remembering the experience is probably one of the best things about photography. It is the story that which is told through the photograph. If a photograph does not have a story. Then it is just a moment lost in time. However, we give meaning to the moments and embrace the future.



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