December 11, 2018

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How To Write Wedding Vows

Your a week away from getting married or maybe even a month. However, lets be real. Your writing your vows the week of, the night before, or the hour before. Wedding vows to us are our promises, our hope and dreams to that special someone on our wedding day. Below we will go through the three main topics to focus on and how to best address them.

1) How they make you feel

Let your partner know how you feel. What I refer to this as is the. Head of heels intro. This will warm the audience which is are your family members into what your significant other means to you. Let them know that he or she makes you the happiest person in the world. Put it in your vows. I vow that you will get a lot of awes.

2) A bit of your story and how far you have come

Let everyone know what you have been through.  Share your story on how far you have come to your marriage. Give brief details and try your best to keep everything PG. This is a family event, and there will be children there. However, everyone wants to know a great story. Let them how it all started. Also make sure it is not too long.

3) Promises to each other

What better way to make a vow than to define a vow by what it stands for. Promises! These promises should come directly from the heart. Things you promise such as trusting, staying true to who you are, being there for each other every step of the way, and many more. These promises should be things of significance in your relationships. Ones that you both hold dearly. What be way to know then to ask. Ask your partner what they love about you. Communication is key, and its will defiantly help also in the long race.


We hope we helped some couples get an idea of what to write. If you need further feedback please free to message us directly.


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