May 16, 2018


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Angles, light, and composition. What makes a photo look good. Is it the comfort from which the model shows he or she is in? Is it the scenery which is displayed that shows all the majestic flowers and captured moments? The answer to all this, is three major key points. Especially in portrait and wedding photography.

light is the major key point to great photography. If you miss lighting, you miss the picture. Think again when trying to shoot in an underexposed location, and you have to crank up the ISO. This caused noise and a major decrease in quality. Lighting has to be amazing. Without great lighting you miss your shot!

Why do angles matter? The reason for this is just as simple as food. This is your presentation of a photo. The way you position yourself, and your subject completely changes the story. Next time you are looking to a building look at it from the angle from below, and from on top of the building. Two completely different stories. This reason for this is your point of view. We perceive and capture from area to area. However, why does this matter when it comes to a model. One major key point, is sculpting of the chin, focusing on body structure, and the areas which you want to focus.

Green,grey, and brown. Why does it matter that the scenery is not some cluttered road in the middle of New York? Why? The reason is the story. You have a bunch of clutter M&M’s on your screen. Next time you look at a M&M’s point out to me which subject your focus on. Then look away and come back to the scene. You have completely lost your favorite M&M. I might have over dramatized the M&M story. However, this is relevant to photography. By cluttering the image. You lose focus of the subject and their story.


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