December 3, 2018

Why I Switched From WIX to Showit // Wedding Photography // FL

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What better way to show your work than by Showit! I use to use WIX before showit. Being a wedding photographer calls for a lot of storage and ease of use. These were my main concerns with Showit before I transferred. Not to fond by the thought of switching everything over. I was very hesitant from the beginning. However, something that Showit offered was its overall design, customer service, speed, and blog organization. So before I get into my puns! Lets dive right into the overall design.


From the first time you start designing it is a little complicated, but not something impossible. A lot of the tools are drag and drop and eventually are very easy to learn. Showit introduces you first by choosing a template of choice. Mine was a template I had purchased, and then started mixing my own style to the foundation template. You are able to upload your own pictures, choose from a plethora of fonts which is amazing. The possibilities for design are honestly endless. I would truly suggest Showit for a creative mind. Most sites that have been designed by Flothemes, Squarespace, and WordPress are easily replicated In Showit. By replicated I mean. You honestly have the tools, and the accessibility to create endless designs. The only thing I wish Showit had featured. Is a search bar that could look through the website. I know usually it is not needed for Wedding Photography. However, it would be a nice tool to have for other up and coming businesses that would like their customers to search for specific items, and subjects.




Customer Service

Customer service is pretty important to my experience. Not so much for clients. However, think about the first time you went on a web hosting site. You literally had no idea what to do. You would click endlessly trying to find what ever you needed and trying your best to make the site overall look pleasant.

I will have to say Showit takes their customer service to the next level. Maybe it is just my way if being and personality. However, I love it when customer service understands me personally, and is just not closed to being boring and serious hating their job. I felt welcomed, and appreciated which is very important.

WIX customer service was phenomenal as well! I called them and it was an easy experience that I would gladly do again. So what makes Showit customer service better? I would not go as far as saying better, but I would go as far as saying convenient. WIX simply does not have chat, and when you are web hosting. Getting answers right away is so crucial. Espically when their is something you just have no idea about.


Showit optimizes each page that is created for SEO. WIX would only optimize for the home page that was created. Each page on Showit is optimized. I am sure a lot of customers have not had a bad experience with WIX. However, the subjects I am hitting. Are overall crucial things that mean dearly to me personally and my business. However, most subjects are pretty crucial for a majority. SEO ,Design,Customer Service, and Obviously Blog.

With WIX I felt restrained to the design that had been offered. Limited fonts, and a restrain to the possibilities of creativity. Looking back I remember that the design was not as polished. Paying nearly $30/month for Wix when even the homepage took 25 seconds to load. I know what some are thinking. Did you have High-Jpeg images on the hompage that would slow it down. Yes, I actually did for some time. Until I optimzed each picture to close to 500 kb, and the issue was still present. I really took time to find the issue. I found that if you visited the website a first time it would be very slow. The second visit the cache would be saved to your web browser, and in turn it would be fast. However, in a business perspective. The first impression on your website is crucial to each customer. Waiting for 25 seconds or even 15 seconds is too much time. My website now loads in 5 seconds or less on mobile and on desktop.

Blog Organization

Lets start by saying WIX had a sufficient blog. I just simply had no idea how to use it. I did not have the time to call customer service, and I am positive I did not use it correctly. However, the optimization is what is most important to me. Showit uses WordPress for their blog system which is phenomenal for when you are creating content for your blog. Using WordPress is like using a tank against a gun. Endless plugins that help you optimize your SEO, such as Yoast, Image optimizations, and many more. The overall experience is just there. Showit helps customers get right on to creating instead of worrying so much. They allow us to create more content and creativity instead of worrying if the web page was too slow. WIX did have a lot of tools as well. The SEO was very good, but clients would just go on the homepage and leave because it was loading too slow. I am not trying to convince anyone to buy Showit, nor am I sponsored or affiliated with Showit. This is just my overall experience and I am sure other customers have been more lucky than I have been.


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