May 16, 2018

Top 5 Reasons To Invest In A Professional Wedding Photographer

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You have just spent around $15,000 or close to it on your wedding venue. However, the one thing you will always remember on your day should certainly not be a budget cut. Why do we think this way? The reason is because we devalue photography. We see it everywhere we go, and everyday in our lives. However, we do not take into account what makes a photo appealing. We also do not take into account the service which is offered. Below are reasons on why no to hire an inexpensive wedding photographer.

Why You Should Not Let Your Cousin Sam Take Your Photos!

Please rethink before you let someone inexperienced capture such a beautiful day. You have just spent countless months preparing for this big event “The wedding Day”. Professionals know what to look for, and know exactly how to set things up in order to catch the perfect moment. Professionals also have multiple lenses which have different tasks at hand. I am not saying that you can not shoot a wedding only on a 50 mm lens. I am saying that wedding photography is much more then just pressing a couple of buttons. A professional knows how to compose,direct, and guide the event in order to tell a story. We know how to effectively compose light and manipulate it in order to give off amazing effects.

Professionals are also prepared if anything is to happen. Let us say that a camera is to break. Ta-Da! A back up camera. The wedding goes on. As a wedding photographer we have to make sure your wedding day is captured at its finest. A professional photographer knows effective angles and positions to define certain features which are appealing. If cousin Sam can do everything I just said. Please give him a tip at the end.

Make Sure The Inexpensive Photographer Communicates!

The last thing you want to worry about on your big day. Is that the photographer did not respond effectively enough and forgot to capture certain details. Communication is so important. However, some photographers simply do not have this present in their business.

Make Sure Your Inexpensive Photographer Effectively Knows What You want!
A photographer is like a mirror. No,literally! A camera is a mirror, which captures a photo due to a shutter closing, and light. You get what I am saying! However, the photographer is a mirror in “personality“. The way your photographer is in their life. Will reflect your images when the time comes. If you look at specific photographers in your area. Make sure they know how to laugh. Photographers want to look for things that are appealing to themselves. If they find that being serious is appealing. Beware if you are a comedian! All your photos may or may not come our serious.

Make Sure Your Inexpensive Photographer Edits Your Photos!

You just saw your images, and they were retouched slightly. However, they all look like an Iphone could have taken them. Just because someone has a fancy camera does not mean they can take great photos. By this I mean the art of photography. Editing plays a huge role when it comes to a photographers work. If you look at some of the most amazing photos around the world. I can guarantee they spent hours on end making sure everything was perfect. What a lot of photographers do is take RAW files, and slightly edit the images to later return them to you. This to us is an unfinished product and believe us it truly hurts to see that a lot of married couples had received unfinished work!

Make Sure You Do Not Hire An Inexpensive or cheap Photographer!
As like any product or service. You get what you pay for. As a professional wedding photographer it is our job to bring you peace of mind and allow you to not focus so much on all the hectic things that occur around you. However, we come prepared to help, and assist you in order to bring your story come to life. Next time you know someone who is getting married or you yourself are getting hitched. Please make sure to hire a professional.


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