December 6, 2018

Why You Should Book An Engagement Session With A Photographer

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Why You Should Book An Engagement Session

The real question is why? Another cost upon paying for wedding services tend to get expensive. However, the real reason is because of clients emotion. Think about it like this you just hired a photographer and you meet in person. Talk, laugh and all the works. Sometimes that is not enough for the client. Especially for clients without any experience in modeling. Your not use having a big massive lens in front of your face while a stranger captures your moment. You just are not. Engagement sessions allow clients to loosen up and get use to the photographer. Sometimes you realize you do not like the photographers technique.

Technique you ask? Yes technique!

This photo is a great example of what technique is. Our style is a little different than most. We do not like to pose every moment for our couples. We love genuine moments! That is what we are all about. However, from time to time you will see us posing couples as well. Because sadly, but true. Not every genuine moment can look good. Plus we like our couples to look amazing!

However, back to the technique. We love to find multiple ways to loosen up our couples. That is with prompts,music, or simple just being ourselves. Our couples open up and feel comfortable. We love it when we make friends. So we try our best to make you feel like we are on a double date and have fun while doing it.


Another photographers technique might be to pose you all the way through and avoid genuine moments. They just care about lighting and making sure you look postured and presentable. Maybe you like that and that is why we recommend always finding a photographer that fits your style. At the end of the day it is your photographs. Its the story you will look back to 25 years down the road.


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